Workshop for the introduction of EN 15225- QMS and Patients’ Safety stds in Healthcare

On January 2018, Swiss Approval International conducted an awareness seminar on the Implementation Guidelines and Best Practices for the Audit and Certification of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Patient Safety in Healthcare Services in accordance with the revised version of the European Standard BS EN 15224:2016.

Started in 2012, SN/DIN EN 15224 System was implemented as the European standard for Quality Management Systems in Healthcare Services, which focuses on Risk Management principles and aims at the implementation of specific requirements in order to meet the specialized needs and operational conditions of the healthcare providers (hospitals and clinics, diagnostic centers, etc.) and specialized units (including assisted reproductive units –IVF clinics, dental facilities and clinics, rehabilitation and recovery centers, etc.), setting as primary goals, the patients’ safety and enhancement of quality in care.


Training, Qualification and Certification of Personnel.