Awareness Seminar on the International Standards on Healthcare Services in Philippines

On 29th & 30th October 2018, Ms Angela Katsapi, the Executive Director of Swiss Approval International conducted consecutive lectures on the new trends and best practices in the healthcare services industry in Philippines. The event was organized by HealthCore, in collaboration with the Department of Health, Philippine Hospital Association, and the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines.

The purpose of the event was to promote quality of care and patient safety in healthcare facilities of the governmental and private sectors.

In specific, the training/awareness seminar was referring at the Implementation Guidelines and Best Practices for the Audit and Certification of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Patient Safety in Healthcare Services. Furthermore, the European standard for Quality Management Systems in Healthcare Services, BS EN 15224:2016 was presented, focusing at Clinical Risk Management principles, setting as primary goals the patients’ safety and enhancement of quality in care.

Swiss Approval International is the first Certification Body, worldwide, accredited by UKAS for the standard BS EN 15224 and, by its audit teams consisting of healthcare professionals, provides a specialized frame of implementation and compliance evaluation techniques for clinical performance and effectiveness.

Swiss Approval International is a world leader in the field of Technical Inspection and Certification sector, incorporating experience, scientific expertise, innovation and technical know-how, principally in the area of South East Europe, Middle East and ASEA.

Find below photos of the event.

Training, Qualification and Certification of Personnel.