The Welding Greek Institute (WGI) offers the new learning program “Metrology Course” of theoretical and practical training, which is considered to be the most required qualification certificate for all types of industrial companies, laboratories.


Metrology comes from the Greek word “metron” and “logos” which literally means the study of measurement and is the science of measurement that establishes a common understanding of units, crucial in linking human activities.


Considering the fact that, metrology is the study of measurement, it is expected to enforce, validate and verify predefined standards for traceability, accuracy, reliability, and precision. Therefore, this science covers both the experimental and theoretical aspects of measurement and the determination of the levels of uncertainty of these aspects and is a basic requirement in any field of science and technology, most importantly in engineering and manufacturing.


Swiss Approval International guarantees an accredited certification, giving the attenders the appropriate passport for the international market, ensuring with accuracy and independence the principles and rules that refer to science of measurement.


At the end of the training program, participants will acquire basic knowledge and skills regarding the following major issues:

  • Understanding the meaning of metrology in engineering / manufacturing
  • Become familiar with the basics terms in metrology
  • Awareness of the various types of metrology
  • Understand all types of measuring equipment (tools and techniques)
  • Interpret specifications and drawing for measurement purposes
  • Become familiar with quality issues of verification and validation
  • Become familiar with standards and calibration concepts
  • Awareness of the core and fundamental principles of measurement
  • Learn how to assess the suitability of a measuring system, to complete the measurement tasks
  • Understand the metrology best practice
  • Understanding the meaning of product tolerances and the application with manufacturing examples of good practice measurement strategies
  • Introductory knowledge of the measurement uncertainty in accordance with international standards


Especially, this training program is suitable for the following stakeholders:

  • Inspectors
  • Testers
  • Quality Engineers & Technicians
  • Quality Managers
  • Engineers
  • staff of industrial companies
  • staff of laboratories
  • staff from research and scientific institutions
  • Scientists interested in Metrology
  • Individuals  who requires basic instruction in Metrology


The final exams are closed-book. Everything covered in class, the lecture slides, the required readings, the assignments, or additional handouts may be tested. Additional details on the exam will be provided prior to the exam date. Successful attendees will also receive a Swiss Approval Training Certificate of Attendance.


  • Cost of Practical training – Theoretical training – Examinations – Student Material to be delivered:

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to metrology

  • Basic units of measurement | Private
  • Production units of measurement | Private
  • Non Dimensionless units of measurement | Private
  • Laws, Standards and Specifications | Private
  • SI system | Private

Module 2: Dimensional metrology

  • Chemical Quantities | Private
  • Physical Quantities | Private
  • Electrical Quantities | Private
  • Mechanical Quantities | Private
  • Flow and Volume | Private
  • Ionizing Radiation | Private

Module 3: Volumetric methods

  • System of Outputs – Inputs | Private
  • Tank titration applications | Private
  • Applications of tank titration using an LSR-3D Laser device | Private
  • Volumetric tables | Private

Module 4: Measurement uncertainty

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