About Us

Welcome to Swiss Approval Academy

Swiss Approval Academy is the Educational Section of Swiss Approval Inspection and Certification Body, aiming in Engineering and Management training and education.

Headquarters of the Inspection Company are based in Balerna, Switzerland, having developed a worldwide Network of Auditing Offices, and holds International recognised accreditation, for the following sectors:

  • Management Systems Certification according the Standard EN/ISO/17021 for the following certification standards: ISO 9001 /14001 /22001 /45001 /37001 /27001 /50001 /39001 / /13485 /EN 15224 etc.
  • Product Certification according the Standard EN/ISO 17065, for Construction products and Machinery.
  • Industrial Inspection according the Standard EN/ISO 17020, for Third party Inspections, Inspections of Lifting Equipment, Vehicles, Pressure Vessels, Pipes and Piping, etc..
  • Personnel Certification according EN/ISO 17024 (pending) applied for a number of owned Certification Schemes, like Auditors, Inspectors, Welders, Agricultural Professions, etc..

The Company is acting as Certification Authority under the status of Notified Body [NoBo], assigned the Number 2221, for 5 European Directives:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive,
  • Simple Pressure Vessels,
  • Lifts,
  • Construction Products and,
  • Machinery Directive.

Our Moto

“Objectively Skilled”, is the unique Principle, describing our inspiration to deliver Professional Engineering, Technical and Management Training Services, satisfying Market & Industry needs.

Diplomas and Certificates issued after successful Examinations, guarantees Professional Skilled Personnel.

Our Commitment

Quality & Transparency of Services, Professional Targeting, New Technologies, Culture and Civilisation are our Policy Axes, related to design and delivering of Training and Educational services.

Our Welfare Policy guarantees that no applicant or candidate receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of Disability, Age, Religion, Sexual orientation, Color, Race, Nationality or Ethnic origins.

Qualification & Certification

Swiss Approval Academy, claims a significant knowledge in Engineering activities, Technical Inspection & Management Systems Auditing.

All training programs, are completed with EXAMS, and after successful participation, candidates will receive the related Diploma.

Certification of Professionals, is an independent activity, directly related with Experience accumulated, according the approved Certification Schemes.

Why Choose Swiss Approval Academy

We Bring The Market Best Qualifications in Engineering, Management and Technical Specialisations.

Swiss Approval Branding

  • Having more than 50 different specialisations and educational targets.
  • With more than 85% success level in the Examinations venues, and with more than 93% satisfied participants, Swiss Approval Akademy is a Leading Educational Structure in Engineering & Technical Management.
  • Almost 35% of the Training programs, are delivered in the Distance Learning Platform [On-Line] of Swiss Approval Akademy.
  • With presence in more than 15 Countries, and a Global Distance Learning Platform, Swiss Approval Academy is covering the needs of every Professional or Individual participant, worldwide.

E-Learning and Distance Learning

Swiss Approval Academy has in place Distance Learning Synchronised platform through which course Participants can Join the Lecturer via Internet, in predefined meetings.

E-Learning Platform is also in place for a-synchronised training activities, giving the opportunity to study from home at any time of participants convenience.

Class – Room course are also available in Balerna / Switzerland, Elefsina / Greece, Kuwait City, Dubai / Emirates.

Examination and Certification

Examination and Qualification of persons, leading in Diploma’s, is one of the most valuable activities of Swiss Approval Academy.

Certification of Qualified people, related to Experience, is an independent activity of the Swiss Approval Inspection and Certification Body.